eBacon was started as a product division within TAG Employer Services, but now we’re bringing everything together under the eBacon name. We are the same company with the same ownership, management, staff and services, only now we have a catchy new sign on the building.

Our clients know about the name change, but we wanted to share our news with everyone else. We also wanted to go over exactly what’s happening, why eBacon and what you can expect in the near future.

What’s changing?

This is just a name change, so we are updating everything that has TAG with eBacon. That means a new sign, new business cards and a lot of work for marketing. The TAG website is being consolidated into eBacon so that everything we have is in one handy location.

Everything else is the same, from ownership and management to the hardworking staff that our clients know and love. Our products and services are also the same, they will just have a new logo on them. We are not getting rid of any services or products either, in fact we’re making new tools all the time!

Why are we changing our name?

Our development team is second to none and they are constantly creating tools to make our client’s lives easier. One of these tools was eBacon, a software platform that helps construction companies handle certified payroll. In fact, it makes it so easy that companies went from spending half the week on payroll and compliance reporting to less than an hour.

With that, eBacon was born and became one of our fastest growing product lines. With it came additional tools and lots of bacon-themed puns.

What does eBacon mean?

It doesn’t mean electronic bacon, although that would be a great product line. The name comes from the Davis-Bacon Act, which was a law established in 1931 that required contractors working on certain government projects to pay the locally prevailing wages. Representative Robert L. Bacon from Long Island was sponsor of the act along with Senator James J. Davis from Pennsylvania.

eBacon helps government contractors comply with this law and other prevailing wage laws, so it makes sense. It is also a memorable name that is fun and represents us as a company because we do serious work but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What about TAG’s current clients?

Everything has always been under the same roof, so to us TAG and eBacon clients are the same amazing group of people we’ve served for years. So, while it might seem like we’re moving away from TAG, we’re really just bringing everything together. This makes a lot of sense as we continue to expand into other financial technology spaces.

We’ve had the name TAG for nearly 20 years, so we are a bit nostalgic about retiring it. We are also proud to say that we’ve played a role in the success stories for many companies across the country. By focusing on simplifying payroll, workers’ comp, HR and benefits administration, we gave people back their most valuable asset – time. Now we’re plotting a course for the next 20 years and excited to find more ways to help companies grow. We’re also excited about all the chances we’ll have to work bacon into conversations and marketing materials.

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