Best Certified Payroll Service

eBacon is a modern solution that manages your certified payroll in one easy system. Ditch the outdated certified payroll services.

Integrating mobile time tracking, fringe benefit, payroll and reporting, We can generate:

  • Municipal EEO Reporting
  • ACA 1095 & 5500’s
  • Apprenticeship forms (CA DAS140 & 142)
  • WH347 and city specific forms

Stay Out of Trouble

eBacon starts at the beginning of the process, so all your information works together. We make sure that everyone’s time, rates, fringes, and payroll benefits are correct way before you have to report to the government.

eBacon took care of a DOL audit that started before I was even a client. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

E. Morgan

Save Money & Win Bids

With the money that you'll save in increased fringe credits, reduced wages, taxes, and WC, your bids will be a lot more competitive. 

We started using eBacon's time tracking system on our second payroll and saved $18,000. I couldn’t believe how much my employees had been rounding up their time before eBacon.

J. Eldrison

Save a Ton of Time

Take a longer lunch … because we automate everything like gathering time, assigning rates, managing benefits, and reporting.

It used to take me 2 days to get payroll and reporting done. Now it takes 20 minutes!

J. Eldrison

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