BCP Mechanical

A deep dive into how we overhauled their compliance and payroll workflow

“Before eBacon, it would take me a whole day
to do certified payroll.”

Location: Fallbrook, CA

Employees: 16


  • Completely manual process for managing compliance and payroll
  • Days spent on tedious data entry tasks
  • Stress about errors and compliance issues

eBacon Solutions

  • Seamless and comprehensive automated process
  • Payroll and compliance processing reduced to minutes
  • A full team to support with any issues


Since 2017, BCP Mechanical has been a San Diego-based mechanical contractor specializing in HVAC and boiler maintenance. Currently, they primarily work on federal projects, but are planning to expand into state projects. Betsey Paul, co-owner, is primarily responsible for handling the payroll and compliance needs on the company projects. BCP Mechanical payroll and payroll compliance was completely handled on paper. This led to hours in processing time and made it difficult to focus on the strategic aspects of running her business. She was looking for a service that could handle all of her payroll and compliance needs, while being easy for both her and her employees to use.

“We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business.”


BCP Mechanical’s manual payroll and certified payroll compliance meant employees in the field would use paper timecards and submit them to Betsey through email, making for a very tedious process. For prevailing wage jobs, she would assign the correct prevailing wage and fringes by hand, calculate the total per hour rate and submit to the relevant agency. “It would take me a whole day to go through that [process],” according to Betsey.

Betsey was spending hours processing time sheets and following up discrepancies with her employees. She would then manually re-enter all the data into QuickBooks in order to finally run payroll.  She would also send individual paystubs to her employees, in addition to entering PTO requests and handling scheduling manually.

Her whole process for submitting payroll and certified reports would normally take her about three days. This meant that payroll and compliance was a constant source of stress as the existing process had little to no verification of accuracy and support.

“I don’t have any worries; I have a great support system now”

Saving Time and Money with Less Stress

By implementing eBacon, BCP Mechanical was able to overhaul their entire compliance and payroll process to be more efficient and easier to use. Betsey can collect time, run payroll and generate certified payroll all in one system. Time tracking is done through a mobile app, so BCP employees simply clock in through their smartphones. The system keeps an accurate record of each employee’s hours worked, as well as different tasks and projects, which makes running payroll and generating certified reports seamless. Now Betsey’s certified reports get auto populated with the correct information making it easy for her to submit to relevant agencies. “I push a button and print it. That’s it,” Betsey said when describing the eBacon certified payroll report feature. Betsey no longer needs to manually apply the correct rates and process paper timecards with eBacon in place. eBacon also enables employees to self-service many HR tasks like requesting time off and accessing paystubs saving additional administrative time.  “We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business,” said Betsey.

BCP Mechanical also implemented eBacon’s Fringe Benefit Trust which allows employees to allocate their fringe benefits to tax advantage funds, creating a configurable mix of funds to empower employees to save for the future or withdraw cash. Previously, these fringe benefits were paid in cash causing BCP to miss out on potential tax savings. Thanks to eBacon’s Fringe Benefit Trust, BCP has saved thousands, while letting their employees put aside money for the future.



eBacon was able to streamline BCP Mechanical’s payroll and compliance process saving hours of administrative time. Betsey’s employees enjoy the ease of accessing their payroll information and the flexibility that eBacon’s trust provides. Overall, Betsey enjoys the peace of mind that the system provides her, and she is able to set aside more time for strategic planning to further grow her business.