General contractors that do prevailing wage work are responsible for the compliance of every eligible project, right down to the subcontractor level. This means that the GC carries the entire weight of compliance, for every sub and on every project. It takes a lot of work to stay ahead of every reporting deadline and ensure that all of the reports submitted are accurate. Most of the time it comes down to spending a lot of time sending emails, texts and playing phone tag. And the more projects you take on, the more time you have to sink into managing subs. This can make growth seem next to impossible.

As cumbersome as it may be, there is no way around it – compliance is an ongoing responsibility. Failing to stay on top of it can lead to big problems, from dealing with the admin burden of wage restitution and resubmitting certified reports to more significant repercussions.
For instance, the awarding body can withhold payment if any sub is behind on reporting. And if a governing body officially finds any compliance violation, the prime contractor may have to pay large sums in back wages and fringe benefits. They can even face fines and disbarment from future work.

A better way to manage compliance

There hasn’t been an overall solution for sub compliance management up until now. Staying current with certified reporting and other compliance responsibilities has been a largely manual process. Even when technology was in place to help with one aspect of the process, integration was limited. This did little to help with the overall admin burden of prevailing wage work, and actually created more room for errors. Afterall, if you have to transfer data from various forms by hand, mistakes are going to happen. From a compliance standpoint, mistakes that lead to violations are no different than other types of error or omission.

Now, however, prime contractors have a tool that solves all of these problems with a single, user-friendly dashboard – eBacon Prime.  Built on the nation’s leading certified payroll platform, this new tool offers prime contractors and their subs a better way to handle all their most tedious compliance tasks

How eBacon Prime solves compliance issues

Our platform consolidates your subs compliance activities under one, user-friendly platform.  No more phone tag, manually verifying data or stressing over late reports.  Once your project and subs are set up, all you have to do is log into a single dashboard to manage your subs’ compliance activities. In minutes you’ll be able to take care of things that currently take hours of your time every week:

  • View, request, approve or reject reports from subs.
  • View all your project details by project and/or subcontractor.
  • Send reminder emails with a single click.
  • Send and receive communications.

eBacon Prime is built on a tried and true platform that is both user-friendly and powerful. It was created specifically for the construction industry, so it has features that ensure the data you report is correct. Some of the key functions built-in to make compliance effortless include:

  • Real-time validation of time, fringe benefits & check amounts
  • Auto-verification of correct determination rate
  • Alerts & notifications to keep you from missing important deadlines
  • Workers’ compensation and GL maintenance & expiration management

How eBacon Prime works

It’s easy to implement eBacon Prime. In fact, when you sign up you get a dedicated implementation manager that personally walks you through the process. We also train you in how to use the system and personally answer your questions along the way. Additionally, we set up and train your subs so you don’t have to worry about  introducing the system to your sub network. This helps to create a seamless user experience.

Once you are set up in eBacon Prime, you simply invite subs to join projects. They create free user accounts and instantly get access to the powerful tools built into the platform.  From that point on, all you have to do is log into your dashboard the manage all of your subs compliance activities.

eBacon Prime represents a lot of hard work and development combined with deep dives into the problems faced by prime contractors doing prevailing wage work. It’s exciting to be able to offer this revolutionary new tool, and we’d love to take you for a tour. If you’d like to see all it can do for your company, take a moment and schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration.

The material presented here is educational in nature and is not intended to be, nor should be relied upon, as legal or financial advice. Please consult with an attorney or financial professional for advice.