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eBacon Payroll
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Don’t let payroll & admin tasks limit your growth!

Most construction companies use multiple systems to complete their most critical administrative tasks. It works, but it’s not easy. In fact, it might even be preventing your growth and limiting your profitability. This is because your team gets buried under tedious tasks, like re-entering info into multiple systems and manually verifying data.

Our premium construction software consolidates and streamlines everything from time, attendance, fringe management, and compliance reporting to HR support, 401K admin and benefits.

Finally, all your key task can be unified under one dashboard.

With multiple systems

  • Capture time with one system or process.
  • Export or re-enter it manually into another system.
  • Check for mistakes & verify the data.
  • Create required certified reports, often by re-entering the data.
  • Upload or re-enter certified data into reporting portal.

With eBacon

  • Time and critical reporting data captured in real-time.
  • Info feeds directly into payroll
  • System helps verify data for accuracy
  • Info feeds into over 33 compliance reports

Your company deserves premium tools AND premium service

You don’t have time to sit on hold, waiting for help. And when you have a problem, you need answers today, not some day.

We understand the needs of small business, and we value your time in a way the mainstream companies simply don’t. This is why we offer premium, award winning customer service, which includes:

  • Seamless onboarding with the help of your own personal implementation manger.
  • Training to help your staff get comfortable with the system.
  • Quick and friendly answers to your questions from our staff of skilled experts.

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