QuickBooks is
great for payroll…
unless you’re in

See how eBacon stacks up against
QuickBooks for certified payroll in
a side-by-side comparison.

eBacon makes certified payroll easy:

• Saves you time & money.
• Increases accuracy & reduces risk.
• Works with your current accounting & time and attendance
solution, including QuickBooks online.
• Robust verification system helps keep wage
determinations, fringe rates, hours & paychecks accurate.
• One-click reporting for required state & federal compliance
• Award winning customer service & so much more!

QuickBooks makes it easy to sign up for payroll services, but do they make certified payroll & reporting any easier?

eBacon was built for the construction industry. We have tools and abilities that QuickBooks and other mainstream payroll providers simply can’t offer, such as:
Auto-verification of correct wage determination rates
Failing to pay full prevailing wages and fringe benefits is listed in the top 6 compliance issues by the Department of Labor.  QuickBooks and other mainstream payroll services rely on the information you input, so if you select the wrong wage determination and fringe rate, your payroll will be wrong. We auto-verify the correct wage determination and fringe rate so you can have greater confidence in your payroll and reports.
Real-time validation of time, fringe benefits & check amounts to ensure the data that reaches your paychecks and reports is correct.
Mistakes can cost you money, but they can also get you in legal and financial trouble with agencies like the DOL that oversee prevailing wage compliance. Our system is proactive and flags mistakes before they end up on someone’s paycheck and your official compliance reports. This includes wage determination, fringe, overtime and other critical data points. You’ll reduce errors and have more confidence in your data.
One-click reporting for required compliance reports eliminates tedious and error-prone manual reporting.
Payroll data flows directly into certified payroll reports, making reporting quick and easy. In addition to standard workforce reports, workers’ comp and overtime, we offer job costing and 1-click reporting for federal and state certified payroll reports including but not limited to:

WH347 CA-A131 Multi Use PDF XML/Maryland Certified
WH38 eMars Non-Performance Report Alaska Upload
LCP Tracker San Diego Workforce ASHTO
CA DIR San Diego PRISM Washington
Easy wage restitution to quickly correct pay & update compliance reports so you stay effortlessly compliant.
Mistakes happen, like when a worker forgets to clock in or attributes the day’s hours to the wrong project. Even though these are small, innocent mistakes they still create a compliance issue that leaves you open for legal and financial trouble. Our system not only catches many errors before they make it to paychecks and reports, but you can quickly correct mistakes, run restitution and generate updated compliance reports.

Certified payroll isn’t easy, but switching to eBacon is!

1.Talk with our friendly team of experts about your needs & to see our platform.
2.Work with your personal implementation manger to get set up.
3.Run payroll, create reports & live happily ever after.