Improve accountability.  Integrate time directly into daily tracking.  Track projects without friction

Reduce data entry errors

Tracking your construction projects can be a chore.  Time and attendance data has to be manually entered, and if it isn’t right then the auditor will come knocking.  eBacon’s daily tracking tool makes it easy for your team to track unlimited daily reports without the data entry hassle.

Reduce Compliance Issues

eBacon’s daily tracking logs tie directly back to your certified payroll reports.  You don’t have to worry anymore about turning these reports in when asked for them.

One central system

Your employees will already be familiar with eBacon as they use the system for things such as time and attendance, time off tracking, expense management and new employee on-boarding.  

GPS intellgence

Each job in eBacon’s system can be properly geo-tagged which allows for automatic weather and increased accountability for your team.

This sounds great, but does it do…

  • Weather based geo location?  Yep!
  • Automatic email alerts to anyone?  Yep!
  • Allow me to store photos, pdfs, and other documents?  Yep!
  • Create accountability on my team?  Yep!
  • Seamlessly integrate with time and attendance?  Yepper!
  • Create an awesome looking PDF that we can send to anyone?  Yes!
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