The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) was passed in 1931, and a lot has changed since then. In the 1930’s chocolate chip cookies were just invented and swing music was popular.  We wanted to show how far we have come since then and why it is time for a game changer in the realm of prevailing wage determination and reporting.

1931– Davis-Bacon Act passes – this law established the requirement for paying the local prevailing wages on public works projects

1931– The Empire State Building was completed – at 102 stories, it was the world’s tallest building at the time

1939– The Wizard of Oz was released

1942– The slinky is invented

1946– V-2 rocket takes first picture of Earth from outer space

1950– Elvis becomes a popular rock and roll musician

1951– Transcontinental television service starts

1957– Sputnik 1 becomes the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth

1964– The Beatles arrive in the U.S.

1969– Apollo 11 becomes the first manned mission to the Moon

1970– VCR’s become commercially available

1976– Apple Computers is founded

1980– The Walkman becomes common place

1982– Michael Jackson’s Thriller is released

1990– Mobile phones gain popularity

1994– TV show Friends premieres

1997– Titanic movie is released

2004– Facebook is launched

2007– IPhone is released

2017– Fidget spinners become popular

2018– Revolutionary Davis-Bacon compliance service eBacon is launched

When we were developing eBacon we asked ourselves why has so much changed in the world but Davis-Bacon compliance is still stuck in the 1930’s?   In the age of drones and self-driving cars, we deserve a better prevailing wage compliance service. 

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