Davis Bacon Complaince

Streamline Davis Bacon Compliance with an All-In-One Solution

Why is Davis Bacon comploance so difficult?

Davis Bacon complaince and certified payroll is a tedious and error prone process. Many contractors have to manually re-key all of the payroll information into the proper forms for each employee.

Most certified payroll software only helps with reporting and doesn’t actually validate the accuracy of the data. This can easily cause mistakes to come up that can lead to issues during an audit. The entire certified payroll reporting procedure is filled with duplicated data entry and prone to simple unintentional mistakes.

eBacon is a full service solution that simplifies:

Time Tracking

Fringe Benefits Managment

Prevailing Wage Calculations 

HR Tracking & Payroll 

Certified Payroll

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.”

certified payroll software

Time Tracking

  • Advanced time tracking to keep you compliant 
  • Track time in 8 different ways
  • App and geofence enabled time tracking
  • Time information flows directly into payroll and certified payroll

Fringe Benefits Management

  • Comprehensive fringe benefits management
  • Saves your company money while giving your employees flexibility
  • Dramatically reduce your taxes, workers’ compensation, and general liability expenses
  • Save up to 30% on your fringe costs all while staying compliant

Prevailing Wage Calculations

  • Setup a job once and the system automatically assigns the correct wage rate
  • Effortless compliance with local prevailing wage laws
  • Preform city shifting calculations

HR and Payroll

  • Process payroll with direct deposits, pay cards and tax payments all in one system
  • Easily track time off, overtime and taxes in one system
  • Employees can easily self-service most HR tasks, saving you time
  • With a dedicated CSR your most pressing HR questions are quickly and accurately answered
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Certified Payroll

  • Certified payroll is done in one-click generating using payroll and time tracking data
  • Automatically generate the upload file for various federal and municipal certified payroll systems. Including CA DIR, WH-347, Prism, and LCP Tracker
  • Stay compliant with all relevant laws by keep all documentation in one system

We helped clients just like you to grow their business and streamline prevailing wage compliance

Precision Concrete Cutting

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year”


Kevin- Precision Concrete Cutting, San Diego, CA

Kimbrell Electric

“Certified payroll took 35 hours a week. Now it takes under an hour with eBacon.”

Jen- Kimbrell Electric, Phoenix, AZ

BCP Mechanical

“We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business.”

Betsey-BCP Mechanical, Fallbrook, CA

Time Saver Plan

Our Time Saver Plan does exactly that – saves you time! By automating tedious tasks, performing complex calculations, and making it easy to track hours and assign correct wage rates, we help you take back control of your day.

Fringe Saver Plan

A comprehensive fringe benefits management system that saves you
money and gives your employees access to their fringe in cash.

Rates Auto-Assigned

Easy One-Click Reporting

Save Money

Reduce Fringe Overpayments

Integrates with your favorite software services

Alternatives to supplemental unemployment insurance

Easy Access to Funds for your Employees

Ready for an all in one certified payroll solution?