Win More Bids and Be More Profitable!

Time Tracking. Fringe Management. Certified Reporting. Government Contractor Payroll

Streamlining your certified payroll and HR compliance, in one easy to use, user friendly system!

Payroll, Time, and People Management In One Construction Friendly Platform

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.”


Owner, Precision Concrete Cutting

A fully integrated and streamlined solution:

Time Tracking

GPS-enabled mobile punches flow right into daily job tracker & payroll reports.

Increase Fringe Credit 

Take the guess work out of calculating fringe credits. Our clients see significant savings.

Compliance Calculations 

Fringe rates are automatically assigned by job, task, shift and scheduled increases.

HR Tracking & Payroll 

Peace of mind that you are always compliant and your payroll runs smoothly. Taxes, OT and sick pay based on address worked.

Certified Payroll

Certified and fringe reports, daily job tracker, EEO tracking, and import into major payroll providers.


Stay Out of Trouble

eBacon starts at the beginning of the process, so all your information works together. We make sure that everyone’s time, rates, fringes, and payroll benefits are correct way before you have to report to the government.

eBacon took care of a DOL audit that started before I was even a client. I don’t know what I would have done without them!
E. Morgan

Save Money & Win Bids

With the money that you’ll save in increased fringe credits, reduced wages, taxes, and WC, your bids will be a lot more competitive.

We started using eBacon’s time tracking system on our second payroll and saved $18,000. I couldn’t believe how much my employees had been rounding up their time before eBacon.
J. Eldrison

Save a Ton of Time

Take a longer lunch … because we automate everything like gathering time, assigning rates, managing benefits, and reporting.

It used to take me 2 days to get payroll and reporting done. Now it takes 20 minutes!
J. Eldrison

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