eBacon announces a new beta feature that allows timesheets to be fed automatically from Procore, a platform that connects all crucial business applications in one place for construction business owners. The integration of these two technologies will save users, a ton of time when it comes to processing payroll and staying in compliance.

eBacon’s compliance capabilities will feed into Procore

The biggest benefit for contractors, is that the integration allows eBacon’s compliance features to work with data shared in the Procore system. eBacon’s platform has rules built in that calculate overtime and prevailing wage requirements, which makes managing fringe benefits and creating compliance reports easier for contractors. Having this added capability for contractors that also use Procore, will help them get an overall better picture of how well a project is performing. 

It also eliminates the need for manual entry or exporting and importing records between multiple systems. Employee onboarding and offboarding records will be synonymous in both systems; job classifications and codes will match too.  

Access to certified reports

Certified reports created in eBacon software will also be stored on Procore’s application. This gives contractors the ability to access all crucial data about a project in one place, which will make accessing records for compliance purposes much easier.

Exporting capabilities to ERP Vendors

Contractors will be able to export from eBacon’s payroll and compliance platform into a large list of ERP applications. See the full list of these vendors. Most of these vendors also have integrations with Procore which will make project accounting even easier to keep in sync.

Questions about how this can help your business?

At eBacon, we’re always looking for new innovations that can help contractors be more successful. Our integration with Procore is just one of many ways we work with others in the construction industry to help make staying in compliance easier for you.

To find out how we can help you stay compliant, make your job easier, and save your company money, reach out to us today.

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