Fringe Saver

Construction software system for time, fringe and compliance management.

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Too much paperwork, not enough time and operating capital.

Fringe Saver can help solve your most costly and time-consuming problems. From our unified software for time, attendance, and reporting to our unique fringe trust, we will make your tedious admin tasks easy, and save you a lot of money in the process.

Advanced time tracking

Fringe saver starts with an advanced time and attendance system designed specifically for the construction industry. It features the ability to auto-assign rates, simplify wage determinations and makes wage restitution quick and easy. You can also generate over 33 reports with a single click.

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Employee access to fringe benefits

Fringe benefits management

Next, Fringe Saver provides you with a completely compliant way to manage your fringe benefits. Our Fringe Trust actually allows your employees to have weekly access to fringe with direct deposit or a pay card, while still providing you all the tax savings of a traditional trust. 

BCP Mech gained back 16-20 hours that they can dedicate to running their business.

Significant tax savings

This is a bonafide fringe trust, so you will save big on payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and general liability. The difference is that as a software company and Third Party Administrator, we’re able to give your workers easy access to the funds in the trust. They can take the money out every week OR invest it, fund an HSA, FSA – they get to choose! 

Construction Contractor Savings

Easy one click reporting

Compliance reporting is a huge drain on your team’s time each and every week. Even if you have a system in place, chances are that you’re still sinking too much time into reporting. With our system you can generate over 33 difference compliance and workforce reports with a single click. Certified payroll and compliance reporting doesn’t get easier than this! 

Maximize Fringe Credits

Save money and stay compliant

See how Fringe Saver empowers your workers and benefits your company by scheduling a free, no obligation demo.

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