Fringe Saver Plan

The Fringe Saver Plan was specifically designed for construction contractors to simplify certified payroll and reporting while helping you realize hard dollar savings by maximizing your fringe benefit credits.This plan can help you save BIG on taxes, workers’ compensation and general liability while still giving your workers easy access to their cash.

Streamlined Certified Payroll

Dynamic Fringe Benefit Trust

Includes All Time Saver Features

Dynamic Fringe Benefit Trust Platform

Typical clients save $67K a year and 35 hours of labor a week

Save Time

Our user friendly software streamlines all aspects of certified payroll, drastically reducing your administrative burden

Stay Compliant

Quickly produce federal,state, and city compliance reports and receive alerts for potential issues before submitting

Reduce Costs

Our system automatically identifies cost-saving opportunities and gives you the tools you need to turn them into hard dollars