Streamlined Certified Payroll

Switch to a full-service compliance platform that integrates your workflow.

Payroll, Time, and People Management In One Construction Friendly Platform

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.”


Owner, Precision Concrete Cutting

Time Tracking

GPS-enabled mobile punches flow right into daily job tracker & payroll reports.

Increase Fringe Credit 

Take the guess work out of calculating fringe credits. Our clients see significant savings.

Compliance Calculations 

Fringe rates are automatically assigned by job, task, shift and scheduled increases.

HR Tracking & Payroll 

Peace of mind that you are always compliant and your payroll runs smoothly. Taxes, OT and sick pay based on address worked.

Certified Payroll

Certified and fringe reports, daily job tracker, EEO tracking, and import into major payroll providers.

Advanced Time and Attendance

As mobile as your team is, with 9 ways to track time you can be sure timesheets are accurate

Certified Payroll One-Click 

Everything flows directly into your certified reports so one click generates reports and exports for uploading

Daily Tracker 

The tool makes it easy for you team to create and track daily reports in a user friendly interface.


Easily upload and export to various payroll and compliance systems

Automatic Fringe Allocation 

Fringe payments are automatically allocated so you are in compliant with prevailing wage requirements. 

Payroll Verification

The system automatically flags errors and discrepancies within payroll and certified payroll, make sure you are always compliant

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