There is a new way to complete your payroll tasks in Prime.

Learn more below

 Contact with any questions.

Here is a quick look at how it works:
Go to the ToDos tab at the top of your dashboard

Next, select the payroll you want to work on. You can use the Filter and Group By functions to find it easier.

From here you will see new options including Import, Copy, Enter and Submit. These take you to payroll tasks so you can manage them directly from this screen.

Import: Import LCP formatted payroll information.
Copy: Copy a previous week’s payroll information.

Enter: Enter your payroll information.
Submit: Submit and certify your payroll information.

For a month after the update, you will still be able to access payroll through the Dollar Sign Icon like you do today. Afterwards, we will be retiring the Dollar Sign icon and all payroll processes will be handled just like this.

If you have questions, please feel free to email