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From our unified software for time, attendance, and reporting to our unique fringe trust, we will make your tedious admin tasks easy, and save you a lot of money in the process.

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Learn about our full suite of solutions for prevailing wage contractors and subcontractors.

TimeSaver : Simplify everything on your certified payroll and reporting to do list, from automating prevailing wage rates to single-click reporting.

Fringe Saver : Streamline everything from payroll through fringe benefits manager, while saving tons in payroll taxes.

eBacon Prime : Easily manage the compliance responsibilities of every sub, on every project – all from a single dashboard.

Fringe trust : Gives your workers access to their fringe every week through direct deposit or pay card while saving you thousands in payroll taxes & workers’ comp.

Precision Concrete Cutting

Precision Concrete Cutting, a contractor in San Diego County provides sidewalk repair services.

Since 2001, they have been working with local governments and private companies to repair sidewalks and mitigate safety issues. Doing a mixture of private and public jobs means the company has complex payroll and compliance needs. Kevin Yocum, owner, is responsible for running payroll and certified reports. Due to the complexity of payroll for public works projects, he was looking for a streamlined solution that gave him the confidence to do more public jobs and increase transparency

BCP Mechanical

Since 2017, BCP Mechanical has been a San Diego-based mechanical contractor specializing in HVAC and boiler maintenance.

Currently, they primarily work on federal projects, but are planning to expand into state projects. Betsey Paul, co-owner, is primarily responsible for handling the payroll and compliance needs on the company projects. BCP Mechanical payroll and payroll compliance was completely handled on paper. This led to hours in processing time and made it difficult to focus on the strategic aspects of running her business. She was looking for a service that could handle all of her payroll and compliance needs, while being easy for both her and her employees to use.