eBacon Prime is a software platform that helps prime contractors validate certified payroll reports and supporting documentation from every subcontractor, on every project. By keeping everything in one system, prime contractors no longer have to chase subs, dig through emails, interpret handwritten timecards or deal with manual entry and all the problems that come with it.  Prime also reduces errors using hundreds of validation rules to ensure that subcontractor-submitted information is accurate and compliant, from apprentice to journeymen ratios through checking net pay rates. It also saves users hours of work and makes it easy for small teams to manage the compliance of large projects with a significant number of subcontractors.

Prime works with many other services that construction companies may use, including Procore. Here are some of the ways Prime and Procore work together to make prevailing wage compliance and project management seamless and simple.

Procore integration with eBacon

Procore creates construction management software that helps streamline and connect every phase of the construction project. There are various solutions for owners, general contractors, subcontractors and publicly funded construction projects. For general contractors, their platform creates a unified view of project performance to help GCs understand what needs to get done each day to prevent rework. eBacon Prime helps GCs manage compliance activity for every sub on every project from a single location. It has additional features to validate data, reduce errors and workflows for many common tasks that are designed to keep everyone on track and in sync.

Here is a look at some of the ways Procore and eBacon Prime work together:

Daily Log Integration

By utilizing both Procore and eBacon, customers save hundreds of hours a month and reduce mistakes along the way. This integration validates that the hours submitted on certified payroll reports match the hours reported to owners. Without this integration, prime contractors are forced to manually verify this information for every employee, every day and every certified payroll report submitted.

With eBacon, this information is in one location and automatically checked. If something doesn’t match, the subcontractor is alerted and has to resolve the issue before submitting payroll. No more manually checking written daily logs against certified reports, dealing with bad handwriting and incomplete information, the system does it for you.

Report Sync

eBacon automatically uploads approved certified payroll reports and other documents into Procore projects. This lets project managers see all approved certified payroll reports without logging into multiple systems. You can also utilize a hierarchical approval process to ensure compliance and document accuracy without dealing with back-and-forth emails or having to remember which employees were on the job site.

These are a few of the ways Prime can help general contractors that currently use Procore. We’d be happy to answer your specific questions if you’d like more information about how Prime works with Procore or your current construction software.

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