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Contractors save time on certified payroll

Our unique certified payroll, fringe management and reporting software platform will help you free up operating capital by reducing your taxes, workers’ comp and general liability expenses. We can also help save up to 30% on every fringe dollar you pay out while still giving your employees easy access to their fringe very week via direct deposit or a pay card.

And with our certified payroll and reporting software, your team will save hours a week in admin work. We make certified payroll so easy that your team will be able to….!

Handle compliance & reporting duties with just a few clicks

Find & assign wage determinations with confidence

Stop errors in their tracks with auto-calculations & auto-verifications

Process payroll, even wage restitution, in minutes.

Kimbrell Electric saved over 30 hours a week!

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Advanced fringe benefits management

Certified payroll and weekly reporting

Compliance reporting

Prevailing wage calculations

Time tracking and much more

eBacon can make your most time-consuming and burdensome tasks quick and simple, including

Who are we?

We are a software company that specializes in creating solutions for the construction industry. Unlike other companies on the market, our solutions are built from the ground up to solve your most pressing problems, from how to streamline certified payroll and compliance tasks to our unique fringe benefit management tools

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