You found the secret to work-life balance, starting by saving time and stress by using eBacon for your certified payroll reporting and more.

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Certified Payroll Can Be Easy

Certified payroll and all the things that come with it don’t have to dominate your time. Built specifically for construction organizations and government contractors, our system lets you handle everything from time tracking through payroll processing and reporting from a single dashboard.

There are too many features to mention but here are some highlights:

  • 1-Click reporting (all certified payroll reports, fringe, union, training fund & more)
  • Auto-assign prevailing wage rates
  • Reduced errors with auto-verifications
  • Multiple ways to track time & changing work classifications
  • Quick and easy auto-restitution
  • Integrates with your favorite services

You don’t even have to switch time and attendance systems if you like what you have. Contact us today to see what the nation’s leading certified payroll software can do for you.