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Our prevailing wage software makes certified payroll and compliance simple so you can focus on growing your business

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Organized subs make life easier

Your job is hard enough as it is. You don’t have time to chase subs for reports, track deadlines and manually verify the data reported to you. We get it, which is why we created eBacon Prime.

With eBacon Prime, your subs stay effortlessly compliant and you can manage it all from a single location.

Powerful tools for you and your subcontractors

Built on the nation’s leading certified payroll platform, eBacon Prime helps streamline all your compliance activity.

View, request, approve and reject reports from subs

Send reminder emails with a single click

Get notifications to stay ahead of reporting

View details by project and subcontractor

Communications hub to talk to all your subs from a single platform

Auto verification of all information for effortless compliance

We solve construction payroll and compliance reporting problems

Our powerful software platform will give you back hours a week by simplifying and streamlining your most burdensome tasks, like processing certified payroll and generating required reports.

Reduce the time you spend on paperwork with one click reporting end eliminating manual data entry.

Reduce errors through our built-in verifications and robust system of checks and balances.

Reduce stress by automating tedious tasks and taking the headache out of compliance tasks.

We can even help you save money and reduce your companies risk by keeping you effortlessly compliant with all labor laws.

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