Michael Dowdy

Since 2007, Michael has been helping companies streamline their payroll and compliance process to help them grow their businesses. 


Michael’s focus is on family owned business to large corporations, multi office professional firms in Arizona. Introducing them to eBacon’s ground breaking technology to simplify their payroll, HR, time tracking and compliance.


Michael lives in Chandler Arizona with his wife Leandra and newborn son, Aiden. He loves spending quality time barbecuing with family.  He is a sports fanatic and enjoys volunteering as a youth football coach.

How Can I Help?

Through his efforts his clients have been able to use their HR programs as a means to Using his expertise he is able to suggest the best solutions for his clients to help them succeed and run their business more efficiently. Providing innovative and cost effective solutions for business’ most pressing HR and payroll challenges, setting them up for long term success.

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