It’s like Christmas all over again! Select your gift from the items below & fill out the form at the bottom to tell us which item to send to you. 

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Bullet Shot Glass

Dealing with certified payroll & compliance regulations can feel a bit like dodging bullets. While we make it easy, having a drink after work in this bullet shot might be nice, too. 

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Wireless Ear Buds

Tune in & tune out – these wireless earbuds will let you rock out in style. Of course, they won’t make certified payroll any easier, but they might ease the emotional pain that comes with it.

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Bacon Hoodie

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is a bacon hoodie. It’s not going to help you submit your certified payroll reports each week, but it does let everyone know you’re a bacon lover, which is almost as important.

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Laser Measure

Use this handy tool on your next project or to get your cat to run in circles, it’s up to you. Just remember to switch your work classification to “cat master” if you do it at work otherwise you’ll be out of compliance & may have to pay yourself wage restitution.  

Snarky Candles

Frustrated with wage determinations? Tired of correcting payroll data, filling out & submitting reports week after week? These snarky candles say what’s in your heart when you just can’t find the words….or don’t want to say them out loud around your coworkers.


We’re experts on staying compliant on government contracts & software design, not tools. However, we’re pretty sure our pocketknife is exactly the right tool for every job.

stack of money

What’s it gonna be?

Facing another week of time-consuming & tedious certified payroll tasks is hard, but choosing which gift from eBacon is easy. Just complete this form and tell us who you are and what you want. We’ll email you to verify shipping details so we can ship your gift to you.

Since gift items are subject to availability, we may contact you to choose an alternative or send a closely related item if your selection is out of stock.