Precision Concrete Cutting

A deep dive into how we overhauled their compliance and payroll workflow

“With eBacon, I don’t have to do anything more than click a button to download an accurate report.”

Location: San Diego, CA

Employees: 24


  • Decentralized compliance & time tracking system
  • Hesitation about taking on more government projects
  • Errors & lack of verification system

eBacon Solutions

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Confidence in expanding into government projects
  • Exceptional & individualized customer service


Precision Concrete Cutting, a contractor in San Diego County provides sidewalk repair services. Since 2001, they have been working with local governments and private companies to repair sidewalks and mitigate safety issues. Doing a mixture of private and public jobs means the company has complex payroll and compliance needs. Kevin Yocum, owner, is responsible for running payroll and certified reports. Due to the complexity of payroll for public works projects, he was looking for a streamlined solution that gave him the confidence to do more public jobs and increase transparency.

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.”


Kevin was spending two to three days per week filling out compliance reports and verifying the accuracy of payroll. He wasn’t comfortable hiring anyone else to do this process because of the intricacies and possibilities for errors.

To manage the workflow, Kevin used Excel spreadsheets and manually uploaded certified payroll reports to state and federal sites. Kevin mentioned, “It was cumbersome managing different Excel documents and having to upload everything manually. You have to throw a massive amount of manpower at this issue.” This process was tedious and left the company exposed to errors. For field employees, Kevin used a basic time tracking tool that required double entry for payroll and certified reports. It would take days to collect all the information to complete payroll and compliance reports, with no guarantee on the accuracy of the documents.

Kevin was looking for a payroll and compliance provider who would have his back. He was especially concerned about team morale suffering as a result of discrepancies and issues with payroll. There were mistakes or issues every payroll, which was an unpleasant experience for him and his employees. The compliance workflow took too long as a result and it was not financially lucrative for him to do government projects. His previous payroll service couldn’t provide individualized support for any issues he had, which made him uneasy about the accuracy of his payroll reports.

“eBacon has allowed us to focus on building our business and not worry about bureaucratic reporting.”

eBacon Solutions

eBacon streamlined the entire compliance and payroll process for Kevin’s business. The system now integrates all parts of the process — from time tracking and documents management in the field — to completing compliance forms. eBacon reduced the timeframe for completing payroll and compliance from a few days to a few minutes while increasing the accuracy of the process. These improvements allowed Kevin to focus more on running his business rather than dealing with bureaucratic nuisances. On workflow, Kevin commented, “99% of the work is already done by eBacon, there is no need to worry about it.” His employees also enjoy the ease of eBacon’s platform, having all timesheets and payroll records available to employees, “Is key to employee morale,” according to Kevin. Having everyone on the same page and having a digital log of timecards helped build trust among employees of Kevin’s business.

With any issues that come up, Kevin’s dedicated customer service representative is able to quickly resolve issues and provide individualized service. “When I have a problem,I know that I am not alone. My customer service rep is able to quickly resolve issues,” said Kevin. In addition, eBacon’s on-staff HR and compliance team gives professional advice on any issues or regulatory changes. This allows him to have confidence that eBacon has his back on compliance and he can easily avoid costly mistakes. Kevin emphasized, “I have yet to come across a problem that eBacon wasn’t able to solve.”



Overall, eBacon has allowed Kevin’s business to expand into more lucrative government contracts and increased the success of his bids. “We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.” eBacon allows Kevin to focus more on the strategy of growing his business instead of the tedious aspects of compliance and running payroll. All parts of his compliance workflow are automated thanks to eBacon.