eBacon Prime

Stop chasing subcontractors for compliance reports and get back to business


eBacon Prime is the first and only platform that gives you insight into the compliance reports of all your subs, on every project, in a single, user-friendly platform.

View, request, approve and reject reports from subs

Send reminder emails with a single click
Get notifications to stay ahead of reporting

View details by project and subcontractor 

Communications hub to talk to all your subs from a single platform
Auto verification of all information for effortless compliance

No more being caught off guard by disorganized subs, missed deadlines or endless calls and emails to track down reports!

eBacon Prime is built on our industry-leading certified payroll reporting platform.

Sub compliance management made simple

Real-time validation of time, fringe benefits & check amounts Auto-verification of correct determination rate Alerts & notifications to keep you from missing important deadlines Quick & easy job/project set up Centralized reporting & communication hub WC & GL maintenance & expiration management

Powerful reporting tools at your fingertips

33 available federal, state, local & union reports and workflows available.

EEOC reporting & compliance by sub by job

Agency report creations: WH347, CA DIR, PRiSM, LCPTracker & more

Document upload & management: Fringe statement, deduction authorizations

eBacon Prime Dashboard 

Through the dashboard you can view, request, approve and reject your Subs reports all within one system

Certified payroll reports

DAS 140/142

Union Reports

Workers Comp Certificates

Deduction Authorization

GL Certificates

As a general contractor, you’re responsible for the overall compliance of your prevailing wage projects. This means that every sub under you must be completely compliant, too.

Currently, GCs are faced with the difficult task of manually keeping up with deadlines, tracking down reports and staying on top of subs. Most of the time, a GC doesn’t know there is a problem until a deadline is missed or when someone makes a compliant.

Compliance risk is real risk 

In today’s regulatory environment, even simple errors like using the wrong wage determination or failing to track work roles correctly, can lead to violations and legal action. This creates a difficult situation for those in the construction industry, but for general contractors that do prevailing wage work, the risk is even greater.

Every sub that works for you brings with them an increased level of compliance risk and increases your administrative burden. After all, you have to track deadlines, reports and make phone calls when things aren’t right or on time.

If you don’t, you could face repercussions such as:

  • Payment of back wages and fringe benefits
  • Withheld contract payments
  • Financial penalties
  • Disbarment up to 3 years
  • Criminal prosecution

Save Thousands

And it’s not just a theory, companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in back wages, and violations, for compliance violations.


Don’t let a disorganized sub cost you – use eBacon Prime to stay on top of it all.