Prevailing Wage

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What are prevailing wage rates?

Prevailing wages are a combination of hourly prevailing wage rates plus an hourly fringe benefit rate. Together these two rates add up to the prevailing wage.

Where does the prevailing wage rate come from?

Prevailing wages come from wage determinations, which are determined through surveys and published by DOL for federal PW laws and though state-level DOL /DIRs. They are updated yearly or more frequently, depending on several factors.

Prevailing Wage Compliance

Prevailing wages were put into law with the Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 as a way to even out competition and level the playing field for workers. Failing to comply with prevailing wage laws  for any reason, including simply making mistakes, can have serious consequences.

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Automatically Assign Correct Prevailing Wage

Set up jobs once with determinations and correct prevailing wages are automatically calculated.

Once setup determinations are automatically updated.

Easily Switch Between Tasks

Employees are required to select the classifications when they clock in.

Digital time sheets are kept constantly accurate, so employees are always assigned the correct wage.

Correct Wage Determinations

Wage determinations are automatically kept updated. Any increase or changes are applied, keep you constantly compliant.


Increase the accuracy of payroll and certified payroll reports while increasing efficiency in the workflow.

Reduce compliance issues when it comes to filling certified payroll reports.

Prevailing Wage Regulations by State.