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The nation’s leading certified payroll platform

Payroll solutions built for the construction industry.

The nation’s leading certified payroll platform

Payroll solutions built for the construction industry.

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.”

- Precision Concrete Cutting

Our construction payroll services include everything from our Payroll Page plus construction-centered tools that make it easier to grow your business:

  • Real-time Validation of Time, Fringe Benefits & Check Amounts
  • Auto-verification of Correct Determination Rate
  • Alerts & Notifications To keep you from missing important deadlines
  • Quick & Easy Job/Project Set Up
  • WC & GL /maintenance & Expiration Management
  • Easy One-Click Report Creation for Dozens of Required Compliance Reports
  • Auto-wage Restitution & Updated Compliance Reports
  • Advanced Fringe Benefit Management
  • Access to Fringe Trust Which gives workers cash on payday while dramatically reducing payroll taxes & workers’ comp costs.

Construction Payroll Made Simple

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Construction Payroll FAQ

Payroll information flows into certified payroll reports eliminating the need for manual reporting. After you set up your reports, simply export them when you need them.

You can export federal and state certified payroll reports such ash WH-347, WH-38 and the DIR in California. You can also export to third parties like eMars, PRISM, and more. Read more about reports.

With just a couple clicks you can set up and assign wage determinations by jobsite, task and job classification. Workers can change tasks in the field, providing a clean record of every role they worked while the system auto-assigns the correct prevailing wage. The system helps catch errors to limit mistakes and keep you effortlessly compliant.

Our system not only helps eliminate the types of mistakes that require restitution, it also makes processing wage restitution quick and easy. In a few clicks you can have it handled, and that includes generating updated compliance reports.

Our award-winning customer service team and powerful, user-friendly system makes it easy to get started. Your implementation manager will walk you through every step of the process and help you get up and running. And our friendly team is always standing by to help you through email or phone, no impersonal 800 number and long queue to wait in when you need help.