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Time & Attendance

Ditch the paper timesheets, construction crews! eBacon’s mobile app simplifies your workday: clock in/out anywhere, track location with geo-fencing, and easily choose the right job/task codes. Edit punches directly and get paid faster with streamlined payroll. Focus on building, not paperwork.


Cloud-based Timekeeping

Our easy to use system makes sure your employees are clocking in and out, and that you’re not using your time to chase them for their time.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real Time GPS tracking
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eBacon’s FREE user-friendly mobile app (available on Apple & Android) simplifies timekeeping on the jobsite with these features:

  • Clock In/Out Anywhere: Your construction crews have the freedom to clock in/ out directly from their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, whether in the office or in the field.
  • No Internet Connection? No Problem! eBacon’s app allows workers to record time even in areas with limited or no service. Punches automatically sync once a connection is re-established, ensuring no missed entries.
  • Pre-Loaded Job & Task Codes: Simplify time tracking, especially for non-tech-savvy crew members. Pre-set job numbers and task codes specific to ongoing projects eliminate confusion and ensure accurate data capture.
  • Automatic Code Selection: Working at the same location daily? Pre-set the codes for automatic selection, saving crews time and guaranteeing accurate payroll processing.
  • Foreman Focus: Real-time crew tracking lets foremen monitor jobsite progress and time allocation for each employee, ensuring projects stay on schedule and budget.
  • Catch Errors Early: 24/7 monitoring helps identify timekeeping discrepancies as they occur, minimizing delays and ensuring accurate payroll processing.
  • Easy Corrections: Foremen and admins can edit punches and collaborate with scheduling in real-time, keeping time under control and preventing costly errors.
  • Streamlined Communication: Real-time data promotes clear communication between foremen, payroll, and scheduling, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Real-Time Location Verification: Our system utilizes GPS technology to verify employee location at the time of clocking in/out. This eliminates the risk of buddy punching and time theft.
  • Geofencing Technology: Set virtual boundaries (geofences) around your jobsites. Employees can only clock in/out when they are physically within the designated radius, further preventing unauthorized punches.
  • Track Every Minute & Manage Dynamic Work Schedules: Our software allows task switching during work hours and provides minute-by-minute tracking.

Accurate clock-ins to jobs & classifications are key to successful job costing:

  • Precise Labor Cost Allocation: GPS & geofencing ensure employees clock in/out for the correct projects and classifications, leading to accurate labor cost allocation for each job.
  • Optimize Crew Allocation & Control Costs: Track monthly labor hours by classification to identify staffing needs, optimize crew allocation, and effectively control overall project costs.
  • Improved Project Visibility: Gain real-time insights on job progress, including labor allocation by task, to identify potential delays and areas for improvement.
  • Location-Based Rules: Our system automatically applies the correct overtime and double-time rules based on your project location, adhering to prevailing wage laws so you don’t have to do the math.
  • Transparency with Employees: Promote clear communication by providing accurate wage calculations based on location, work hours, and prevailing wage rules.
  • Peace of Mind: Gain peace of mind knowing your business is operating in compliance with local, state, prevailing wage laws, and labor regulations.
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  • Automatic Wage Rates & Effortless Processing: Our system automatically calculates the correct pay rate based on the wage determination for your specific project location and job classification. You simply provide the wage determination, and eBacon takes care of the rest, eliminating manual calculations and data entry for effortless processing.
  • Versatile Time Tracking: Manage union shifts, pay differentials, and a variety of job classifications with ease. Our system adapts to your specific needs.
  • Crystal-Clear Reporting: Effortlessly compile all your timekeeping data into clear and concise reports, regardless of project complexity. Whether it’s multiple shifts, pay differentials, or various job classifications, eBacon can handle it all.
  • In-Depth Data Analysis: Gain valuable insights with reports that directly tie tasks to classifications, simplifying data analysis and improving project costing accuracy.
  • Construction payroll becomes more flexible with 6 ways to track time by job, task, or shift.
  • Effortless Time & Attendance: Track time, manage PTO accruals & requests, and ensure automatic holiday pay calculations – all within one platform.
  • Streamlined Expense Tracking: Submit and track reimbursements, mileage, and other job-related expenses directly through our user-friendly mobile app.
  • Always-On Insights: Get a clear picture of who’s working, at what time, and on which job site – all in real-time.
  • Proactive Scheduling: Identify potential scheduling conflicts and make informed decisions with up-to-date crew availability data.
  • Improved Resource Allocation: Optimize crew allocation based on real-time insights and avoid overstaffing or understaffing on projects.
  • Enhanced PTO & Holiday Planning: Anticipate staffing needs and avoid scheduling gaps by factoring in upcoming PTO requests and holiday shutdowns.
  • Consolidated Overview: Get a broader picture of your crew’s activity with all clock-in and out punches stored electronically in one central location for easy access, analysis, and improved project management. This eliminates the time wasted collecting and managing paper timesheets.

Timekeeping Syncs With Complex Rate Engine

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Generate Certified Reports With One-Click

Generate dozens of compliance and workforce reports with a single click. Certified payroll and compliance reporting doesn’t get easier than this!

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Time & Attendance Widget

Take a video tour of our Time & Attendance Widget and see how easy and seamless cloud-based timekeeping can be.

Ask us about Time and Attendance. Speak with an eBacon Technician today!

Ask us about Time and Attendance. Speak with an eBacon Technician today!