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eBacon’s onboarding features help companies get employees onboarded quickly and with clarity, making sure they have everything they need to get started on the job.

Onboarding Made Effortless

At eBacon, we understand that onboarding isn’t just about collecting payroll data; it’s about ensuring your employees are set up for success from day one. A seamless onboarding experience is crucial for employee engagement, productivity, and overall company success.

Administrative Support

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All tasks that have to be done during onboarding are tracked. When adding an employee, you get to choose which steps the employee will do and which steps you will do.

Our basic onboarding process has employees provide essential information such as their address, contact details, and emergency contact information. This eliminates the need for a separate form that employees must fill out before their job begins. Upon receiving an email, employees will find a clickable link containing all the login information necessary to initiate their onboarding process. They can complete this process well in advance, even before their official start date on day one.

Employees are walked through their federal and state onboarding forms. Our federal W-4 system enables employees to easily respond to inquiries about their tax status and complete the W-4 form without the need for additional instructions or guidance from you. Additionally, employees can set up their own direct deposit or opt-in for a check or pay card during this section.

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eBacon helps your company stay in compliance by having a robust online I-9 verification process. Employees and managers fill in their I-9 information online and have information tracked in a central location.

Your company can set up department-specific forms that employees have to fill out or acknowledge. Items like handbooks or company dress codes can be acknowledged online and put into the employee’s profile. Custom forms can also be filled out to ask employees about their shirt size for example, or other required attributes.

For companies who utilize our 401k platform or benefits platform, employees are guided through an onboarding process to get enrolled in your benefits. Even if your enrollment period is far into the future, new employees are able to see what they’ll be eligible for and get signed up early on so it will not be forgotten.

Employee Benefits

Training and Feedback

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Our training module can be utilized to build learning pathways in your company. Employees can be given required courses to go through, answer questions, and verify their understanding of different aspects of your business.

Leveraging our review system, you can have employees give you feedback after the onboarding process is complete. This feedback enables you to make necessary adjustments and improvements to their overall experience. Our employee review system utilizes our custom form engine, providing you with unlimited flexibility in designing the perfect set of questions to gather valuable insights.

One advantage of our training and review system is that it is not limited to onboarding new employees. We’ve found numerous customers leverage our training system to build job-specific onboarding for their team. This allows you to get everyone on the same page about safety, key people, and the customer before having someone set foot on the site.

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