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Time & Attendance

Delivering accurate, cost-effective timekeeping from laptops, smart phones and tablets.


Cloud-based Timekeeping

Our online solutions simplifies and streamlines the entire timekeeping process, saving you time and money. Your company’s timekeeping is always current. Anomalies are spotted, tracked and verified quickly. Employees can make entries into the system easily and accurately, even from the field.

Real Time GPS tracking

Real Time GPS tracking
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  • Know where your employees are at any time
  • Know if employees are at the correct job
  • No need to trust employees on what was overtime or doubletime, our application calculates it for you.
  • Stay in compliance with local, state and federal requirements without having to micromanage each punch
  • Less administrative work after the fact.
  • Better and more accurate job costing for your business and customers.
  • No double entry for complex payroll and job costing situations.
  • More accurate job costs to bill your customers.
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  • Most rate engines start after time and attendance, which means you have to apply rates manually.  eBacon starts when the employee punches in and out.
  • Our engine was built from the ground up to support the most complex time and payroll situations, we keep your employees paid accurately.
  • Employees may work the same classification across different ‘tasks’ but all you have to do is tie the classification to the task under the hood.

Timekeeping syncs with complex rate engine

Time snycs

Generate accurate certified reports with one-click

Generate over 33 difference compliance and workforce reports with a single click. Certified payroll and compliance reporting doesn’t get easier than this!

one-click reports

Time & Attendance Widget

Take a video tour of our Time & Attendance Widget and see how easy and seamless cloud-based timekeeping can be.