If you’re like most business owners, you’re looking ahead to 2021 with a bit of apprehension. Between the economic impact of the pandemic to upcoming administration changes, the challenges seem likely to continue in the upcoming year. While it’s difficult to know what the new year will bring, we do have insight into new legislation already signed into law and taking effect in 2021. We also have some details related to legislation proposed by the new administration and other legislators that may, in some form, be passed and signed into law.

Recently, we held a webinar talking about some of the issues that construction businesses may face in the near future. We looked at new laws impacting prevailing wage work, the potential of additional stimulus money to over $1.5 trillion in infrastructure dollars for rebuilding roads, bridges, and transit systems along with schools, housing and broadband access. Additionally, we talked about some of the ways COVID related decisions regarding masks and a vaccine may take shape in the new year.

To help more people plan ahead, we have published the webinar on YouTube along with the presentation. We have also created some other helpful resources you can use in your own planning.

2021 Market Trends and Insight Presentation

2021 Market Trends and Insight Webinar Recording

2021 New Legislation eBook

2021 Minimum Wage Updates

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