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Certified Payroll

Union Reports

Fringe Reports

Training Funds

Payroll information follows directly into certified payroll reports eliminating the need for manual reporting. Setup up necessary certified payroll reports once and automatically export each time.

Export to federal and state certified payroll reports:

  • WH347
  • WH38
  • LCP Tracker
  • CA DIR
  • CA-A131
  • eMars
  • San Diego Workforce
  • San Diego PRISM
  • Multi Use PDF
  • Non-Performance Report
  • Washington
  • XML/Maryland Certified
  • Alaska Upload
Certified reports

Union Reporting 


Correct wages are auto assigned for union jobs. Fringes and deductions are correctly calculated based on predetermined union requirements, so you can rest assured that you are compliant with union regulations.

Fringe Reports 

Our service accurately calucates the exact fringes based on wage determinations. So you pay your employees correctly while saving money by not paying excessive fringes.

Training Funds

Comply with training fund requirements, the system automatically allocates the correct contributions.

Including keeping track of contributions to:

  • CAC Apprentice Contribution Report
  • ABC & Generic Apprentice Training Fund

Workers’ Compensation

Overtime Alerts

Workforce Reporting

Job Costing

Workers’ Compensation 

Workers’ compensation tracking and reporting is automated through the system – reducing the burden of verifying compliance.

Overtime Threshold Alerts

Prevent surprises during payroll by monitoring overtime for your employees in real time. Easily see employees who are approaching overtime thresholds based on applicable laws.

Job Costing 

Easily see the status of all your projects in one report- tracking labor costs and tax burdens. Make sure that all your projects are on track and quickly identify issues. 

Work Force Reporting 

A simple summary of the classifications and hours worked by each employee working on a job. 

Workforce Insights

DAS 140 & DAS 142

Enhanced Paystubs

Custom Reports

Workforce Insights

Powerful visual reports give you insights into your business processes. Giving you the tools to make the best descions for your business.

Employee Turnover

Active Employees by State

Active Employees


Custom Reports

Quickly query critical aspects about your business using an easy-to-use report wizard. Create custom reports that provide insights into your business. 

California Apprenticeship Compliance

Easily comply with California apprentiship regulations with auto generate DAS140 and DAS142 forms.

Enhance Paystubs

Paystub showing breakout by job, weighted average overtime, fringe contributions, and PTO balances

Powerful reports to run your business

Learn how we can streamline your entire compliance workflow.