Save on fringe, take home more bacon

Our Fringe Saver combines fringe trust management with sophisticated certified payroll reporting technology to help your company save BIG in taxes, workers’ compensation and general liability. Our products and services change everything you thought was possible with trusts and fringe benefit management.

Why you haven’t used a fringe benefit trust before

  • My employees want access to their cash. Trusts can’t do that.
  • Fringe Benefit Trusts are too complicated to manage.
  • Providing benefits to employees is too expensive and too hard to track
  • Providing better benefits AND the cash your employees want

    Using an eBacon Fringe Benefit trust allows you to provide employees with access to benefits and cash.

    • Employees can choose traditional benefits like health, FSA and 401k but also have a cash option for their fringe benefit.
    • Cash can be distributed by direct deposit or through a pay card each week!

    Everybody wins with eBacon’s Fringe Saver

    Our Fringe Saver will help you be more profitable. Paying fringe benefits in benefits rather than additional wages can dramatically reduce employer taxes, worker’s compensation premiums and general liability obligations. Our system helps you determine the correct amount of fringe credits you can claim which can eliminate fringe overpayment and avoid common errors that cost you money and expose you to risk.

    Bells and Whistles

    Our Fringe Saver can do more than save you money! Here’s a glimpse at some of the many ways we can make your life easier:

    Advanced Time and Attendance

    As mobile as your team is, with 8 ways to track time you can be sure timesheets are accurate

    Certified Payroll One-Click

    Everything flows directly into your certified reports so one click generates reports and exports for uploading

    Daily Tracker

    The tool makes it easy for your team to create and track daily reports in an user friendly interface.


    Easily upload and export to various payroll and compliance systems

    Automatic Fringe Allocation

    Fringe payments are automatically allocated so you are in compliance with prevailing wage requirements.

    Payroll Verification

    The system automatically flags errors and discrepancies within payroll and certified payroll, making sure you are always compliant

    Find out how much you can save