Saving Money 

Fringe allocation and greater accountability leads to significant savings 

Fringe Allocation

Take the guesswork out of allocating fringes, automatically pay the correct required fringes to employees.


Save thousands on your payroll costs by properly allocating fringes for your employees. 

See how one of our clients saved thousands by switching to eBacon.

“eBacon’s accurate time tracking has helped us save on admin fees”

Overtime Thresholds

Real time overtime tracking allows you to keep payroll costs under control

Advanced Time Tracking

Biometric clocks and GPS based time tracking prevents “buddy punch”,no more misreporting time 

Constant Compliance Verification

Avoid costly compliance errors since the system verfies all parts of your certified payroll documents. 


Average reduction in payroll costs

Average Fringe Savings

Benefits Administration

Provide your employees with competitive benefits packages to attract top talent

Streamlined administration of benefits:

  • Free 401(k)
  • HSA
  • HRA
  • FSA
  • DCA
  • FlexParking
  • FlexTransit w/ Debit Cards

Ready to streamline your certified payroll compliance?

Get started today to keep your company compliant and competitive.