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Before eBacon, there were very limited options to help with certified payroll, including Payroll or Leasing Services (PR) and Certified Report Software (CS). Here is how those options compare to eBacon.

Pre-eBacon Options Free Certified FringeSaver
Time Tracking
Nine ways to track time by Job/Task/Shift PR-Limited X
GPS mapping & GeoFencing X X
PTO, Expense, Holiday & Mileage Request/Approval PR X
Overtime calculated based on location worked PR-Limited X
Mandatory PTO & Holiday for Specific jobs X X
Scheduling & Punch Differences X X
Overtime threshold reporting X X
Payroll & HRIS
Direct Deposit, PayCards & tax payments in all 50 states PR X
General Ledger import into 18 accounting packages PR-Limited X
Employee Onboarding w/ I9 & e-verify PR X
Background checks & drug screens (Separate Charges) PR X
EEOC, Certifications, WC Claims Tracking & OSHA Reports PR X
Full Human Resource Tracking & Report Wizard PR X
Compliance Calculations
Assign correct prevailing & fringe rate by job, task & shift CS - Error Check X
Fringe calc (based on actual health, 401(k), PTO, Etc) Manual X
FLSA Effective Overtime or "Job In-Effect" Allocation PR-Limited X
City shifting calcs of Tax, WC, OT and Mandatory Sick PR-Limited X
Automatic restitution on rate, fringe & hour changes X X
Allocation of non-weekly PR into weekly & monthly reports X X
Electronic EE rate, hour, deduction & paycheck signoff X X
Apprentice Tracking (Hours Ratios, Dispatch Requests) X X
Works with any 3rd party payroll or T&A System CS X
Fringe Tracking & Savings
Credit Maximization X X X
Fringe Trust Management X X X
Supplemental Unemployment, Tax Savings, Reserve Funding X X X
Online benefits enrollment & reconciliation PR X
Free HSA, HRA, FSA, Flexparking transit w/ Debit Cards PR-Limited X
COBRA generation & tracking PR - PEO Only X
Optional 401(K), Dental, Vision, Life, Disability PR- PEO Only X
ACA 1095 & 5500 generation PR-Some X
Works with any broker or carrier PR X
Certified Report Generation
Integrated with Time & Payroll Systems X X
WH347 / Local / EEO Reports & Uploads Both
Validations for common errors CS
No Work Letters CS
Price Per Employee Per Month Free $60 $90

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