Davis Bacon Compliance Solution

Streamline and save money on Davis Bacon compliance

eBacon is a full service solution that simplifies:

Time Tracking

Fringe Benefits Management

Prevailing Wage Calculations 

HR Tracking & Payroll 

Davis Bacon/Certified Payroll

We helped clients just like you to grow their business and streamline prevailing wage compliance

Precision Concrete Cutting

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year”


Kevin- Precision Concrete Cutting, San Diego, CA

Kimbrell Electric

“Certified payroll took 35 hours a week. Now it takes under an hour with eBacon.”

Jen- Kimbrell Electric, Phoenix, AZ

BCP Mechanical

“We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business.”

Betsey-BCP Mechanical, Fallbrook, CA

Simplified Davis Bacon Compliance Solutions

eBacon is your construction company’s best friend, simplifying how you handle payroll for construction projects. Our goal is to help you get back to what you do best! Our Davis Bacon compliance service features sophisticated software that streamlines all aspects of your payroll process, including:

Tracks time 8 different ways

Assigns prevailing and fringe rates

Performs city shifting calculations

Integrates with time and payroll system

Creates WH347, EEO and city specific reports

Process payroll with direct deposits, pay cards and tax payments

Ready for an all in one certified payroll solution?