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From our unified software for time, attendance, and reporting to our unique fringe trust, we will make your tedious admin tasks easy, and save you a lot of money in the process.

Kimbrell Electric

Kimbrell Electric, Inc., a contractor in the Phoenix metropolitan area provides construction and installation of underground wiring for lighting and electrical distribution systems for municipalities and commercial clients.

Since Kimbrell does a combination of both, government and private construction projects, there are a multitude of complexities with payroll processing and reporting requirements due to prevailing wage laws, such as the Davis Bacon Act. As the primary person to manage Kimbrell’s timecards and reporting requirements, Jen, Human Resources Manager, needed a simpler way to manage this workload for 75 employees.

Tree Pros

Tree Pros is a Californian company dedicated to arboriculture. Their team of certified arborists and other professionals have over 2 decades of experience in the field. They help with the management of trees and provide a range of other services including plant health care.

Tree Pros works on both private and government projects, which means they have to deal with certified payroll weekly. As they grew, reporting became nearly a full-time job for their accounting team. President Shannah needed a solution so that they could spend less time manually entering data and more time doing tasks that added value to their business.

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Learn about our full suite of solutions for prevailing wage contractors and subcontractors.

TimeSaver : Simplify everything on your certified payroll and reporting to do list, from automating prevailing wage rates to single-click reporting.

Fringe Saver : Streamline everything from payroll through fringe benefits manager, while saving tons in payroll taxes.

eBacon Prime : Easily manage the compliance responsibilities of every sub, on every project – all from a single dashboard.

Fringe trust : Gives your workers access to their fringe every week through direct deposit or pay card while saving you thousands in payroll taxes & workers’ comp.