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“The customer is always right!” might be an antiquated phrase, but it does sum up how important customer service used to be for most businesses. After all, without customers there is no business. But as technology made it easier for companies to grow, the service-first attitude took a back seat to profit and volume. This is why you experience the customer service run-around every time you call for help. It may also be why you’re reluctant to give a new company a chance, it’ll just be more of the same, right?

We get it. But we want you to know that some of us still place a high value on customer service and we don’t do it because the customer is always right, but because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what we expect for ourselves and it’s what we offer to every single client that calls or emails for help.


By providing world class customer service and support we’re able to turn clients into fans. It’s also helped us win awards.

Customer service the way it should be

Every member of our team is a subject matter expert in their discipline, and we develop all of our technology in house. This means that the right people are always on hand to help you when you need it, from payroll and benefits questions to technical help.

No long waits, multiple calls or frustrating chats with people that really can’t offer you answers.

If you’re tired of getting treated like a number by the mainstream payroll companies, we should talk.

Helping clients, winning awards

Our customer service was put to the test when one of our own service providers suddenly ceased operations. Our response to the crisis not only provided our clients the reliable service they deserve, it actually won us a customer-service award!

The story behind the award

In October of 2019, a major ACH provider suddenly ceased all processing, effecting over 110,000 companies and millions of employees. This happened without notice, and instantly took away our ability to electronically move money and deliver paychecks on behalf of our clients. After creating and communicating our plan, we were able to ensure that thousands of workers received their paychecks on time.

To solve the most immediate problem, we manually wired 800 direct deposits to those expecting their paychecks that day. This is time-consuming, but it allowed us to instantly send out funds without the need for ACH processing. We even covered the associated fees to that our clients were not negatively affected.

This solved part of the problem, but you can only process so many manual wire transfers in a single day. But, we were determined to make sure nobody experienced a delay, after all there were still thousands of people expecting their direct deposits the next day. Our solution was to generate live checks and send them overnight through FedEx or couriers.

We didn’t cause the problem, but we were able to find a solution that ensured that ALL of our clients’ employees received their paycheck on time.

“Also I’m happy to hear that Direct Deposit was set up so quickly. I really am impressed with how well Tag handled the whole situation.”

-Noah, Doneen Electric

You deserve elite service

Every client we have gets the same, premier level service. There are no big or small accounts, there are only clients that deserve our complete attention. When you call with a problem or question, you can be sure that this same dedicated team is there to help. And unlike the mainstream payroll companies you may know, our team is comprised of payroll, HR and benefits experts, not just customer service reps hired to answer the phone. We even have our software development team in-house. This means when you contact us the person you talk to will have the answers you’re looking for.

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