$10 billion in green technology tax credits have been allocated under the Inflation Reduction Act. These fall under Section 48C, which was expanded to include prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements for those wishing to claim the credits. The IRS and the Treasury released details regarding the allocation of funds for these credits along with initial guidance on what you have to do to qualify for projects in Notice 2023-18

The notice includes:

  • Rules for determining credits under Section 48C
  • What qualifies as an advanced energy project
  • Allocation process for the credits

The $10 billion will be allocated in rounds, with round one starting on May 31. This round will include $4 billion, a portion of which is set aside for projects in Energy Communities Census Tracts. These are special areas near former coal-mining sites. Read more about energy communities here.

Round one begins on May 31, and to be considered for any of the available credits you have to submit concept papers to the Department of Energy by July 31, 2023. Additional information regarding what you must submit is supposed to be issued on May 31 by the IRS and Treasury. 

Those interested in taking advantage of these tax credit programs will have to be on their toes since round one and information on how to apply are released on the same day. Since the amount of funding is limited and submissions are being ranked by commercial viability and other factors, getting your submission in early will be important. 

You can look for clean energy infrastructure funding opportunities on the Office of the Under Secretary of Infrastructure website and learn more about this round of Infrastructure Reduction Act credits through the following resources.

IRS and Treasury guidance brief
Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

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