TAG Employer Services is now eBacon

Don’t worry though, we’re the same company you know and love.

In fact, nothing about our services and software is changing or going away. We’re just swapping names to give marketing something to do. And let’s face it, eBacon IS a fun and memorable name!

The eBacon Story

eBacon was inspired by conversations had with California business owners in the construction industry. After learning about the complications and risk involved in taking on government funded projects, we sought a solution that leveraged our proven technology platform. eBacon is able to simplify certified payroll reporting and fringe benefit management for construction companies across the nation by combining prevailing wage requirements automation with simple to use management and reporting tools.

Both TAG and eBacon were created to offer companies amazing payroll services and business solutions. Now we have consolidated our brand into one delicious, crispy name.

eBacon is Financial Technology that Sizzles!

We are excited about this brand update and we look forward to continuing our work with you and your businesses!

It’s Always Bacon Time

We created this bacon-themed cookbook to celebrate our name change and thank our clients for the patience during the process. We may have been partially inspired by a love of bacon, but who could blame us?