Time Saver Plan

Our robust software simplifies everything you hate about doing certified payroll, from automating prevailing wage rates to generating certified reports with a single click.

No commitment, no risk, just results.

The standard process for completing certified payroll

  • Gather every little nuance of the project details
  • Sift through wage determinations and work classifications
  • Find out a wage determination changed –bang head on wall and start over again
  • Confuse the heck out of yourself calculating fringe benefit, overtime and shift/location wages for employee
  • Hunt down foremen for timesheets
  • Finally get a hold of all needed timesheets and it’s late
  • Key in data from timesheets like you would with a typewriter in 1955
  • Make your best side by side comparisons with what you entered to the wage determinations to validate
  • Do more side by side comparisons of fringes and work classifications
  • Enter the same data you just spent hours entering to make a certified report
  • Attempt to submit report, only to find out the file format is incorrect and there’s a ton of errors
  • Pull an all nighter, then repeat the next week

What if you could knock it out in an hour?

That’s what Jen, HR Manager from Kimbrell Electric, does.

“What used to take 35 hours for certified payroll,takes not even an hour now.”

                                                                                                      -Jen, Kimbrell Electric

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