Time Tracking

Punch in or out no matter where the jobsite is

Increase accuracies and accountability with a mobile time tracking system

Time Tracking Reinvented

Our time tracking ecosystem is as mobile as your team is.

On the site, on the road, at the office. A streamlined interface for cross device users. Clock in from anywhere.

Administrators can easily see all cross device time punches and easily approve electronic timesheets.

Realtime Accurate Time Tracking 

In one page see where every part of your team is and when they clocked in. See what every part of your team is working on and when they clocked in and out.

Time tracking is streamlined so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

Offline Access

No internet access, no problem. Employees can clock in no matter how remote the site is.

Time punches are kept locally on the device until network connection is established again. 

Other Features:

GPS Mapping and Geo Fencing
Next generation Biometric Time Clocks
Overtime regulations calculate based on location
Easy scheduling and punches summary

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