It’s surprising to see AI’s that can run businesses, robots that build buildings and airplanes that can take people from one side of the world to the other and still see companies that use paper time sheets.  We think that’s nonsense also.  Most time and attendance vendors have given up at the boundary of making your life truly easy.  They stopped because it is hard.  They stopped because it is complicated.  They stopped because they don’t really want to make your life easier.

We didn’t.

In fact, we think the state of time and attendance for construction is so dumb that we’ve spent the last 20 years trying to make a platform that a lot of other companies say, ‘is a little crazy.’  It’s a time and attendance platform that does the actual hard work for you, that keeps you in compliance.  We’re that partner who looks at the complexity in time and faces down like some kind of lion hunter.  Like you we know that the hard work needs to get done, and we can’t just skirt the details.  We’re your partner.

What’s so different about us?

Keeping Employees Clocked In – We send proactive alerts to your team making sure that they’re clocked in.  Our scheduling system lets you setup who should be where and when and our alert system makes sure that they are.  When someone forgets to clock out our app makes sure they fix it.

Getting Your Jobs Right – The hardest part of your day is automated with advanced job assignment.  While it might not make sense for everyone to schedule out every minute of an employee’s day, we give you the tools to tag, assign and delegate jobs to one or many people.  This limits the number of options an employee must choose from, making your administrative work even less.

Keeping You In Compliance – Let’s be clear – your employees are not choosing how many hours of their day are overtime or double-time.  Our system calculates this automatically based on the time that they actually work.    This means that your team just clocks in, choose their job and task and that’s it.  There doesn’t have to be some ‘easy’ way to choose overtime and double-time, our system figures that out for you.

Have a national scale team?  Multiple states?  Lots of rules?  No worries you just set the area of the job and our system figures out the rules.  That means that you don’t have to juggle that employee working half the week in California and half the week in Oregon, that’s our job.

Throw Paper Out – Honestly after starting with eBacon we suggest having a bonfire night where you ritually burn all of your paper time sheets.  You can use all the money you’ve saved to buy beer, pizza and uber rides home.  Our platform keeps your team’s time flowing in the right direction, real time.  You no longer have to key in hundreds of pieces of paper and ‘hope’ everything is right.  Now you’ll have an amazing dashboard that gives you instant details of what happened with an employee.

Don’t Let Employees Get You In Trouble – Our philosophy precludes us from letting your employees make stupid mistakes that get you in trouble.  Even with other time and attendance platforms your employees can make terrible errors by misassigning their hours to overtime or double-time.  Your business is STILL responsible for these issues, and your employee can come after you even if they miss-key their overtime.  In most litigious environments it makes more sense to use a system you can trust, versus a system based on errors.

Our Rate Engine is Tied to Actual Work Done – Here is a little secret.  Our payroll engine is just a payroll engine, it can do all of the things that you would expect.  It is really our time engine that makes your life crazy simple.  That’s because we don’t calculate the rate AFTER the time has happened.  In fact, the rate of pay is calculated based on the time that your employee actually works.  This lets us give you the most accurate pay for your employees that you can find on the entire market.  What kind of crazy situations can you throw at the system?

  • What if an employee works a graveyard shift as a laborer, but then switches over to work on a piece of equipment for 30 minutes? Your company already pays that employee a premium, but the equipment operation is a totally different classification and needs to be reported differently.  Plus the government requires a totally different fringe benefit payment.  This is complicated, and with most systems you’d be inclined to ignore this and pay them the laborer rate, but the government won’t.  In fact, you could face fines for just lumping all hours and rates into the same bucket.  eBacon was built for this kind of stuff.
  • An employee is working in a federal enclave inside of California where the rate of pay must be compared against multiple state and federal rates to ensure that they’re being paid properly. We handle that.  Not with some manual rate entry like our competitors, but we know that that job is in a federal enclave and make sure the employee is paid properly.

That’s complicated, but that is also the kind of stuff your company most likely deals with every single day.  And most other time and attendance systems just toss the punches to you to ‘figure out’ the rules and ‘figure out’ how much they should be paid.

Contact eBacon to learn more, let us show you how our time platform can get you in compliance, reduce the stress of work and keep your business growing.

The material presented here is educational in nature and is not intended to be, nor should be relied upon, as legal or financial advice. Please consult with an attorney or financial professional for advice.