Tree Pros

Streamlining tedious manual process and bringing the business to the next level.

“Taken us to the next level we are confident on taking on bigger jobs because when we do our payroll we are as professional as possible.”

Location: Chino, CA

Employees: 33


  • Mainly manual compliance process
  • No payroll service that could handle certified payroll
  • PTO was handled on paper

eBacon Solutions

  • Compiance process streamlined
  • Payroll service that combines certified payroll automation
  • PTO handled through one digital system


Tree Pros is a Californian company dedicated to arboriculture. Their team of certified arborists and other professionals have over 2 decades of experience in the field. They help with the management of trees and provide a range of other services including plant health care. Tree Pros works on both private and government projects, which means they have to deal with certified payroll weekly. As they grew, reporting became nearly a full-time job for their accounting team. President Shannah needed a solution so that they could spend less time manually entering data and more time doing tasks that added value to their business.
“Printing the paychecks is the easy part, it’s the certified reports and tracking time, I was looking for a company who could handle our needs”


Tree Pros had been processing payroll in-house for the past 16 years. This included a lot of manual work, like checking time sheets every day, manually filling out required certified reports and re-entering the info into the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) system as required under prevailing wage laws.

Handling the work related to certified payroll and compliance required a lot of manual work. Part of the problem was that they could not find a payroll service that would make reporting to the DIR easier. In fact, as they grew it become even more troublesome to stay compliant:

Additional related processes, such as handling PTO was done on paper. This means PTO requests were done manually, and separately from the payroll system. This is time consuming and easy to make errors, but also makes transparency difficult for employees who could not easily see their PTO info.

It was taking Tree Pros about 20 hours a week just on payroll processing. This is a significant drain on administrative team’s time and energy.

“Having the experts who knew exactly what we were supposed to do and not worrying about it was a complete game changer.”

eBacon Solutions

On their search for certified payroll and reporting solutions they found many payroll companies that could handle payroll, but not certified reporting. Since streamlining and simplifying reporting was their main focus, the average payroll company simply wouldn’t work.

Our implementation team worked with Tree Pros to get everything set up, including training their team on how to use the system. Immediately they noticed that several previously burdensome tasks were completely simplified. Setting up jobs became simple and required less time since the system automatically syncs with their QuickBooks. This makes setting up prevailing jobs fast and simple.

Reporting was their largest problem pre-eBacon, but it quickly became simple. Instead of manually transferring hours and other required reporting data multiple times into multiple systems, they simply log their hours with the time and attendance system. From there they can process payroll and create a multitude of reports with a single click. Uploading reports to the DIR was no longer a burdensome and stressful task.

Another aspect of the eBacon system that Tree Pros enjoys is how it allows their workers to manage a range of important tasks themselves. Before eBacon, everything was by hand and on paper. Now, employees can log in and handle lots of tasks like setting up direct deposits to changing tax deductions and PTO request. This empowers their workforce, reduces errors and means less paperwork for their busy admin team. It also provides their workforce with an enhanced level of transparency that they really appreciate.



Tree Pros is a thriving company that is no longer burdened by the admin work it takes to be compliant. Gathering time, processing payroll and staying completely compliant now takes a fraction of the time that it used to. They also don’t have the daily stress of wondering if they are really doing things right. Now growing is not just a goal, but something they can actively and confidently work toward.

Additionally, by using eBacon, their payroll costs have decreased as a result of implementing our time system. Their ability to manage fringe also dramatically improved, allowing them to take fringe credits and move away from cash fringe payments, which are the most expensive way to pay fringe.