Our software is advanced, user friendly and aligned with the needs of the market. It is also ahead of the curve, solving tomorrow’s problems for construction companies out in the field today. One of the reasons we are able to have such a world-class platform is because we have something many companies don’t – a quick responding, in-house development team.

Our VP of Product Development, Alex Kremer, heads up our dev team and sets the path forward for many products and features we have in the works. He recently took a few minutes out of his day to share some thoughts on the impact, opportunities and challenges facing the construction industry.

How will technology impact construction in the near future?  

Construction will undergo major changes in the next few years due to developments in technology.  When looking at construction companies, we see all aspects of business being
impacted by these advancements. This includes in the field and in the office, and it involves embracing everything from robotics and automation to software tools that improve communication.  

As companies embrace the latest technology, they will find increasingly effective ways to build, 
maintain and repair our world.  For companies that do not embrace technology, it will
become harder and harder to compete against those that truly utilize it to their advantage.   

What keeps a company from really benefiting from technology?

Most companies see technology the same way that they might see their cell phone, something 
that’s simply a part of daily life. It’s important, however, to realize that tech is there to enhance your business. With each new solution you invest in, there should be guidelines on how it 
actually will impact your company. This has to happen before you make the decision to implement any type of technology. Without this you’ll end up with a lot of great drones and 
robots sitting around gathering dust in a warehouse somewhere.  

What are some challenges companies may face when they decide to integrate technology?

Managing the complexity that technology brings to a business can be a major issue. 
Any new tech needs to be implemented properly in the organization and championed by 
someone.  Even if its the better way to actually do things, without a plan there will always be 
push back. Having a clear set of goals and a solid implementation plan prior to bringing tech onboard is important. Without it, your organization will not only never see the full benefits tech can bring, but they may even become resistant to using technology altogether.

What are some of the less talked about rewards of implementing technology?

A new technology, like a good hire, will be a catalist to look at processes and understand what 
could be done better.  For companies that utilize this change process as a way to make sure they are in tip-top shape, they will benefit doubly – once from the addition of technology and once from the improvements to their internal processes. Companies that realize and use this will always be more agile and competitive than those that don’t.

Where are some of the biggest opportunities right now for construction technology?

What I am excited to see is how 3D printing and automation make an impact on construction.  We have already seen a huge spike in products that are now 
manufactured in the United States, but statistically this is being done by machines. Construction may utilize the outputs of 
these machines, but in a lot of ways it is still a very labor-intensive job.  As more companies 
start to look at how to utilize automation on the job site, we will see projects get completed
much faster, much safer and much cheaper.  

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