Success Stories

Our clients speak for themselves on how we streamlined their payroll.

Precision Concrete Cutting

“We went from doing $500,000 in municipal contracts before eBacon, to $2 million this year.

Kevin discusses how eBacon allowed him to focus on growing his business instead of dealing with compliance issues.

Kimbrell Electric

“What used to take 35 hours for certified payroll, takes not even an hour now.”

Jen, Human Resources Manager, would spend hours on certified payroll compliance. See how eBacon made her workflow more efficient.

BCP Mechanical

“We have gained back 16-20 hours that we can dedicate to running our business.”

BCP Mechanical streamlined their payroll and certified payroll so they can focus more time on running their business.

Tree Pros

“Now I am actually going after more municipal jobs because I am not afraid of them now, I feel confident about bidding on the jobs”

Shannah, President, business’s was held back by all the compliance and payroll requirements see how we simplified her process.