Save Money & Win Bids

  • Cut Your Taxes & Insurance Cost
  • Manage Your Wages
  • Simplify Day-to-Day Processes

Cut Your Costs

  • Fringe Calculation – Based on what you actually contribute to employees, not best guesses.
  • Fringe Benefit Trust – Save a ton of Bacon with a bonafide trust program for your certified employees.

Bring Home More Bacon

Time theft costs the average company up to $4,540 per employee per year. The average 10 employee company is losing over $36,320 per year. This equals out to almost 5,954 pounds of Bacon.

Keep Your Team Accountable

GPS Mapping & Geofencing

Your team is more accountable with GPS punching.  You can even prevent mistakes with our geofencing system!

Overtime Thresholds

Up to the minute overtime data to keep your team accountable, and profitable.

Prevent Time Theft

Biometric clocks and GPS mobile systems prevent “Buddy-punching” and time misreporting.


Average Reduction of Fringe Payments

Average Workers' Compensation Savings Per Employee

Simplify Day-To-Day Processes

  • Auto Reconciliation – Missed employee deductions catch up on future payroll (up to limits)
  • Easy Employee Benefits Administration – Free 401(k), HSA, HRA, FSA, DCA, FlexParking, FlexTransit w/ Debit Cards
  • Restitution Made Simple – Quickly make up for mis-classified pay

Ready to Let Your Company Sizzle?

eBacon helps your company sizzle with features and benefits that will simplify your life and reduce your overhead.  This means more money, more wins, and much much more bacon.