About eBacon

We help contractors and subcontractors with certified payroll and fringe benefits.

eBacon Creates Solutions

eBacon is a software company that focuses on certified payroll and fringe benefit management for the construction industry. Our software solutions combine time tracking, fringe management, payroll and certified reporting to help contractors and subcontractors avoid risk and become more profitable.

We design and develop all of our own software and applications. Because we have our own advanced inhouse development team, we’re able to rapidly respond to the needs of the market. This allows us to create amazing products that solve real world problems.

eBacon History

eBacon is a product division of TAG Employer Services. Founded in 2003 by Jack Biltis  and Ron Bleich, TAG Employer Services is a cutting-edge Administrative Services Organization dedicated to streamlining and simplifying critical payroll, workers’ compensation, HR, benefits and related employee administration for small businesses. Unlike most large payroll and Professional Employment Services Organizations that try to be all-things for all organizations, TAG built specialized technology from the ground-up based upon what small businesses want and need. This robust technology platform serves as the base for eBacon’s line of products.

eBacon was inspired by conversations Jack had with California business owners in the construction industry. After learning about the complications and risk involved in taking on government funded projects, he sought a solution that leveraged our proven technology platform. eBacon is able to simplify certified payroll reporting and fringe benefit management for construction companies across the nation by combining prevailing wage requirements automation with simple to use management and reporting tools.

Both TAG and eBacon were created to offer companies amazing payroll services and business solutions. To streamline our own operations, we decided to retire the name TAG and continue our mission under eBacon. We’re the same company, with the same owner, team and mission that we’ve had for 20 years and going.  And of course, eBacon is a pretty memorable name, which makes our marketing team happy.

Not only have we become one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States, we’ve also been voted one of the best places to work in Arizona.