Time Saver

The ultimate construction time, attendance, and certified payroll reporting software. 

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There’s no long-term commitment, just peace of mind and more free time! 

Time Saver is a robust software system that simplifies everything you hate about doing certified payroll. From automating prevailing wage rates to generating over 33 compliance reports with a single click, our software was created to solve problems unique to the construction industry.  

Multiple ways to track time

Time Saver is an advanced time and attendance system that gives you multiple ways to track time from the field. It’s sophisticated but simple to use, allowing workers to easily track hours and change roles throughout their shift. Includes manager punches, geofencing capabilities, text punching…. but that’s just the beginning! 
Tracking time for constrcution contractors

Rates auto assigned

Our system makes tracking prevailing wage hours easy! With just a couple clicks you can assign wage determinations by jobsite, task and job classification. Workers can change tasks in the field, giving you a clean record of every role they worked while the system auto-assigns the correct prevailing wage. It’s powerful, intuitive and helps limit mistakes and compliance problems.

Precision Concrete Cutting was able to go from $500K to $2 million in municipal contracts in one year after switching to eBacon


Wage restitution is time-consuming and can lead to even larger compliance problems. Our system not only helps eliminate the types of mistakes that require restitution, it also makes processing wage restitution quick and easy. In a few clicks you can have it handled, and that includes generating updated compliance reports.  

Easy one click reporting

Compliance reporting is a huge drain on your team’s time each and every week. Even if you have a system in place, chances are that you’re still sinking too much time into reporting. With our system you can generate over 33 difference compliance and workforce reports with a single click.  Certified payroll and compliance reporting doesn’t get easier than this! 

Certified Payroll Streamlined

See how how time saver can help your company streamline every aspect of certified payroll, reporting and compliance management by scheduling a free, no obligation demo.

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